Ladu20 – warehouse and sales business management software.

Work stages Ladu20 manages:


  • all stages of the sales cycle
  • all stages of the goods purchasing cycle
  • all functions related to warehouse work
  • supervision and analysis for all of the preceding


  • … has the functionality for the best management of warehouse, purchasing and sales work.
  • … work algorithms are optimised for this work specifically, which means faster work.
  • … was created with users in mind – it’s meant to be usable the entire workday.
  • … is user-friendly.
  • … is warehouse-centered (as opposed to accounting-centered).

Ladu20 isn’t simply warehouse managing software – it’s software with everything included. Many people are adamant that to manage a warehouse using a computer, you need computers (network, printers) and the necessary software. In our opinion, it’s not enough. We’ve found that for the client, the most important part is having a system that works, is constantly up to date, does what it is supposed to do and does it fast. In addition, according to a thorough analysis, most problems are due to software with the wrong functionality, wrong usage of the system, user ineptitude or computers/software that is out of date.

When developing Ladu20 we used our long-time experience of producing and servicing client-friendly software.

What does KMA with Ladu20 offer to a warehouse ?

  • Software adjusted to the needs and wants of the client.
  • Employees trained in the use of the software (during the inculcation period).
  • Training for employees who join the workforce later.
  • An audit for the software system 1-2 times a year.
  • Constantly (at least twice a year) updated software, with training for employees about all new functions.
  • Sending and receiving information from Ladu20 over the internet, regardless of location.
  • Technical support.

Ladu20 has also eliminated the risk of buying software that initially looked good for a high price, only to find out it didn’t suit the needs. We’ve solved the problem in a user-friendly way – you can not only buy Ladu20, but also rent it.

Renting software has at least 3 huge advantages:

  • you don’t need to have a deep wallet to use excellent software.
  • you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find out if the software suits your needs – the renting agreement can be short-term.
  • constant communication between the user and producer of the software.

Using a renting system, we can have different principles than most. For clients of Ladu20 we’ve created a dependable scheme, which solves one of the more important parts of software – updating, which is usually done by the producer. With this scheme, the producer can guarantee that the client always has the most recent version of the product. The given system is analogous to the car world: with car rentals, it works like an arrangement with the producing company to always give clients the most recent version of the given car model, as well as servicing and maintenance, overseen by the producing company.

A support contract in addition to the software renting contract offers the best solution to reduce software-related risks.


We have been dealing with wholesale warehouse management software since 1994.