Licensing price list for the warehouse accounting system Ladu20


Number of Workstations Software rent(incl. support contract) …/Mo.
Up to 2 workstations 128 EUR
3 – 6 workstations 224 EUR
7 – 11 workstations 319 EUR
12 – 16 workstations 383 EUR
17 – 21 workstations 415 EUR
22 or more workstations Arranged price
Every additional warehouse database 32 EUR
Every additional “virtual warehouse” database 13 EUR
Every physically standalone server 64 EUR
Import/export module (e.g. Telema data mediation)

Price list for additional modules for the warehouse accounting system

E-shop licensing fee (product catalogue and online shop) 960 EUR

Price list for services

Service Description Regular price For Regular Customers
Software installation and setup** (adjusting the software to the client’s needs) 50 EUR/h
Training (for software by KMA) 77 eur/h 50 EUR/h
Servicing KMA products from the KMA office 77 eur/h 50 EUR/h
Hardware consultancy and related work 77 eur/h 57 EUR/h
Programming 77 eur/h 50 EUR/h
Software audit 77 eur/h According to contract
Transport outside Tallinn (per trip) 1 EUR/km 0.5 EUR/km

Price multipliers

Time Multiplier
9:00 – 17:00 1
6:00 – 9:00 ja 17:00 – 21:00 1,5
21:00 – 6:00 3
Weekends and national holidays 3

* The Ladu20 software rent package (and support contract) include: technical support; free program updates; program audits up to twice a year; free training for the Ladu20 program for new employees; a minimum of 40% discount from the regular price of other services.
** Installation and setup includes: setting the system up; adjusting it according to the client’s needs; first-time training for the would-be users of the program.
*** The price of inculcation-related work (additions, changes and design work) will be added to the price of the Ladu20 web module.
The minimal countable time unit is 0,5 h

The licensing contract for Ladu20 is viewable here: Ladu20 litsentsileping

All prices are not inclusive of VAT!