Webbie is the web-based interface for Ladu20 that gives users of Ladu20 the opportunity to exhibit their goods over the internet and provide their clients with the option to place orders from there as well.

The webbie “product catalogue” lets you easily exhibit products, as well as include informative text, pictures and links.

Orders can also be placed in the Webbie “ordering centre”.

Customers who place orders using Webbie can be categorized into 2 : regular clients and occasional clients.
– püsikliendid logivad sisse neile eraldatud kasutajanime ja parooli kasutades. Regular clients can log in with usernames and passwords given to them. Regular customers can also be arranged to have special price lists for when they make orders. Placed orders will automatically arrive to Ladu20 and agreed upon paying conditions are applied.
– Occasional clients don’t have to log in. The regular price list is applied to their orders. The confirmation and sending of the order to Ladu20 will take place after the transfer through the bank link has been made.

Currently, we have bank links set up with the following banks : Sampo, SEB and Swedbank.

All orders made through Webbie go straight to the Ladu20 infosystem and from the point the order has been confirmed by the client, the warehouse can start dispatching the goods.

An overview of the web-based product catalogue aimed at the occasional customers can be seen at www.vunder.ee/shop

Using the E-shop assumes that the warehouse is constantly updating information about their products (such as pictures, descriptions, links).