LEASER lets you create:

  • leasing contracts, while retaining all the information related to the contract;
  • contracts bound to a fixed interest or EURIBOR;
  • payment schedules for different contract types;
  • contracts with partial schedules;
  • contracts with many different objects, each with a different payment schedule;

With LEASER you can compile:

  • databases of entities bound to contracts;
  • databases of objects in the contracts;
  • databases on activities related to contracts etc.

Managing contracts allows you to:

  • monitor the necessary operations from the beginning of the contract until the end.
  • make invoices from contracts.
  • keep track of other documents related to the contract.
  • register all communications with the client =CRM .
  • analyze everything in the chosen area:
    1. by contract types
    2. by chosen indicators
    3. any period of time

The leasing portfolio lets you:

  • monitor the insurance status of the object leased by the client during the entire contract period;
  • monitor asset statuses;
  • monitor contracts automatically bound to EURIBOR;
  • mortgage leasing contracts;
  • have diverse reporting;

Confidentiality of data is assured by attributing different users different permissions according to their work tasks, on the LEASER level as well as the database level.



Eesti tuntud ettevõtted kes kasutava LEASER-it oma igapäevatöös:

AVIS (OÜ Ideal)
SVEA Finance
Danske Bank
Tuntud ettevõtted, kes on arenenud jõudsalt kasutades LEASERit.
  • Hansa Liising
  • Eesti Ühisliising
  • Tallinna Panga Liising
  • Optiva Liising
  • Foreks Liising
  • Evison Liising (Mercedez-Benz esindaja)
  • Swedbank Autopargi Haldamise AS
  • MAIB Leasing (Moldova liisingfirma)
  • Rentest

LEASER’s requirements for software and computer: