LEASER licensing contract price list:

Number of Workstations Software rent (incl. support contract) EUR/month
1 workstation 200 EUR
Up to 3 workstations 350 EUR
Up to 6 workstations 500 EUR
Up to 10 workstations 800 EUR
Over  10 workstations 800 + 50 EUR per additional workstation
License for another country
Every additional database 100 EUR
Every physically standalone server 100 EUR

Service prices

Service description Regular price For regular customers
Software inculcation** (adjusting the software to the client’s needs) 50 EUR/h
Training (for software by KMA) 100 EUR/h 70 EUR/h
Servicing for our products at the client’s office, in the KMA office or over the internet 100 EUR/h 70 EUR/h
Project management 100 EUR/h 70 EUR/h
Software development – programming 100 EUR/h 70 EUR/h
Software audit 100 EUR/h According to contract
Transport outside Estonia According to the arrangements and costs

* LEASER 3.0 software rental package (and support contract) include: monthly technical support; free updates; a software audit up to once a year; free software usage training for new employees.

** Inculcation includes: setting the system up; adjustment to the client’s needs; first-time training for the users of the program.
The minimum countable time unit is 0.5h

All prices are not inclusive of VAT!