technical requirements
LEASER general technical requirements

Server operating system

  • Microsoft Windows.  There are no specific requirements except that it should be compatible with MS-SQL server.
  • We should be able to install Terminal server for RDC.


MS-SQL  from ver. 2005 (All versions after 2005 are compatible 2008,2012…)

Additional server resources

  • FTP server and dataspace – LEASER saves
    encrypted contract attachments to FTB server.
  • Microsoft terminal server.

LEASER MS-SQL  Server space

50 000 contracts     ~1..2 GB

500 000 contracts  ~4…6 GB


LEASER Windows desktop version

In order for LEASER to work in local computer, you need:


LEASER Web module

In addition to previously mentioned, WEB- module requires :

  • PHP: from 5.3.8, sqlsrv or mssql extension
  • Apache webserver


Server security

  • Firewall – Currently only selected IP adresses have access to SQL database, everyone else can`t have access to it.
  • Additonaly, for more security there could be VPN between server and workplaces. (Currently we don`t have it because firewall is enough. That is mainly due to the fact that not many Ips have access to the server).