TelliKMA – software for mobile sales teams.

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TelliKMA is the worktool for salesmen and sales promoters.

TelliKMA allows the sales representative or promoter to register orders and exhibition information on their mobile device, as well as enabling the information to be sent to the warehouse system directly using the mobile network.

TelliKMA enables you to:

  • create orders, while keeping track of stock and client’s debts.
  • take goods pricing arrangements (confirmed nomenclature) into consideration, when creating orders.
  • view previous orders as well as automatically create a new order from previously created orders or typical orders.
  • transmit created orders to the company’s infosystems.
  • view a client’s sales info for a given period of time.
  • keep a driving log.
  • fill questionnaires.
  • make discounts for products (for specific clients).
  • present new products to your clients.
  • view and show client’s information and pictures about your products.
  • view when the client has ordered the same products, received them and on what conditions, while creating an order.


Reasons to use TelliKMA :

  • speed – orders made by the salesman arrive to the warehouse system immediately after completion.
  • salesmen are always informed, even when they’re about to make orders.
  • the workload in the warehouse is evened out – orders come in as they are made during the workday (as opposed to all coming in at once at the end of the workday).
  • less mistakes – errors that stem from double entries made manually and transmitted are prevented.
  • monetary benefits – you no longer need salesmen to make orders by phone or ask about stock, which reduced phone bills.
  • optional tracking of salesmen’s work and movements, as well as having a driver’s log.

Advantages of TelliKMA from a salesman’s perspective:

  • the salesman always knows product stock at the sales moment.
  • the salesman knows the client’s debts and payment history.
  • full information about the client’s earlier orders and their respective conditions.
  • with a set list of products, servicing clients is simpler.
  • having modern tools increases motivation.
  • more time can be spent on the clients.

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TelliKMA video:

The TelliKMA solution requires:

  • A mobile device with an internet connection:
    • Android OS based smartphone or tablet PC
    • or
    • Android tablet
  • warehouse software and an internet connection on the office side.
  • If necessary, additional equipment (printers etc.) that are compatible with the mobile device.

TelliKMA can solve many work management and information exchange related problems. If some of the following problems are your reality, TelliKMA can be just the thing you need:

  • Salesmen use telephones or fax machines to forward orders and sales secretaries have to insert them to the warehouse management software manually.
  • The salesman lacks a real overview of the client’s debts at the moment of the order/sale.
  • Salesmen who carry goods with them don’t know the actual number of goods in their van.
  • Salesmen fill orders based on the same template often, only changing the quantities on practically similar documents.
  • Lack of overview to tell apart orders from salesmen and from clients directly.
  • Warehouse work isn’t smooth – most orders come in during the evening.
  • The phone in the office is always in use, because salesmen are always calling to check for stock, debts, transport rounds etc.