Functionality of the TelliKMA Android version:

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  • A list of clients, as well as client info.
  • A list of planned client visits for the given day.
  • The list of goods and goods info.
  • Registering client visits and telephone communications – automatic formation of CRM.
  • Creating and forwarding documents to the infosystem, in different formats:
    • orders
    • suggested orders
    • invoices
    • recording stock levels to keep count of stock reserves
  • An option to put documents on hold (to be edited later and not sent immediately).
  • Client-based price lists.
  • Client-based info about last visits and events.
  • The option to register the next planned visit.
  • Comments on documents (for the receiver/assembler of the order or the client).
  • Detecting a product using its barcode (using the device’s camera function).
  • Constant overview of the client’s visits and phonecall history.
  • Monitoring minimum and maximum document sums.
  • Checking the online database for a client’s debts and specific information, when you open a client card.
  • When opening a goods list, additional information can be read about the chosen client and sales history.

Examples of TelliKMA Android screenshots:

Client list
Event list
Goods list
Document header
Client card
Choosing the document type
Fixating the goods
Filters for the goods list


Fast entry when creating a document

Filling out a questionnaire
Filling out a questionnaire 2
A product card with a picture
A product list with pictures
The Android version of TelliKMA requires a smartphone or tablet PC running on the Android OS. Best results can be achieved with a 3G connection!