Online support

When you activate the Online client support link, you can temporarily enable access to your computer for a KMA representative. They will be able to see what’s happening on your computer screen, but also direct your mouse and keyboard. This has proven to be the most effective and comfortable way to do technical support for both parties.

If you cancel the connection or restart your computer, the access to your computer ceases, and cannot be reinstated without the client themself doing it through this page.

Before running this program, make sure there’s a KMA representative ready to perform technical support on your computer (arrange a time beforehand) – it’s also beneficial to talk to the representative on the phone during technical support.

When you try to open the program, you must always choose the options Run or Open – that way you agree to open the program. You must also agree to let the program through your firewall, if it requests permission, usually with the Allow button.

Client support link: OnLine Client Support


Customer Portal

We use OnTime software to manage our customer support. Customers, who wish to follow the developments and servicing being done for them or communicate with us through the portal, can gain access to our system. The software we use, Axosoft OnTime, is one of the best customer support management solutions in the world.

Customer portal link : Customer portal OnTime