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GS1-128 identifikaatorite loetelu

Kõik kuupäevad on kasutusel formaadis YYMMDD.

y in the AI gives a number of decimal places in the following value. The represented value is the following integer divided by 10y.

For example, a net weight of 22.7 kg could be coded as 3101 000227, 3102 002270, 3103 022700, or 3104 227000.

CodeDescriptiondata length (without AI)
00Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)18
01Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)14
02GTIN of Contained Trade Items14
10Batch/Lot Numbervariable, up to 20
11Production Date6
12Due Date6
13Packaging Date6
15Best Before Date (YYMMDD)6
17Expiration Date6
20Product Variant2
21Serial Numbervariable, up to 20
22Secondary Data Fieldsvariable, up to 29
23nLot number nvariable, up to 19
240Additional Product Identificationvariable, up to 30
241Customer Part Numbervariable, up to 30
242Made-to-Order Variation Numbervariable, up to 6
250Secondary Serial Numbervariable, up to 30
251Reference to Source Entityvariable, up to 30
253Global Document Type Identifiervariable, 13–17
254GLN Extension Componentvariable, up to 20
255Global Coupon Number (GCN)variable, 13–25
30Count of itemsvariable, up to 8
310yProduct Net Weight in kg6
311yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in meters6
312yProduct Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in meters6
313yProduct Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in meters6
314yProduct Area, in square meters6
315yProduct Net Volume, in liters6
316yProduct Net Volume, in cubic meters6
320yProduct Net Weight, in pounds6
321yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in inches6
322yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in feet6
323yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in yards6
324yProduct Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in inches6
325yProduct Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in feet6
326yProduct Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in yards6
327yProduct Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in inches6
328yProduct Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in feet6
329yProduct Depth/Thickness/3rd Dimension, in yards6
330yContainer Gross Weight (kg)6
331yContainer Length/1st Dimension (Meters)6
332yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension (Meters)6
333yContainer Depth/Thickness/3rd Dimension (Meters)6
334yContainer Area (Square Meters)6
335yContainer Gross Volume (Liters)6
336yContainer Gross Volume (Cubic Meters)6
340yContainer Gross Weight (Pounds)6
341yContainer Length/1st Dimension, in inches6
342yContainer Length/1st Dimension, in feet6
343yContainer Length/1st Dimension in, in yards6
344yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in inches6
345yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in feet6
346yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in yards6
347yContainer Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in inches6
348yContainer Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in feet6
349yContainer Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in yards6
350yProduct Area (Square Inches)6
351yProduct Area (Square Feet)6
352yProduct Area (Square Yards)6
353yContainer Area (Square Inches)6
354yContainer Area (Square Feet)6
355yContainer Area (Square Yards)6
356yNet Weight (Troy Ounces)6
357yNet Weight/Volume (Ounces)6
360yProduct Volume (Quarts)6
361yProduct Volume (Gallons)6
362yContainer Gross Volume (Quarts)6
363yContainer Gross Volume (U.S. Gallons)6
364yProduct Volume (Cubic Inches)6
365yProduct Volume (Cubic Feet)6
366yProduct Volume (Cubic Yards)6
367yContainer Gross Volume (Cubic Inches)6
368yContainer Gross Volume (Cubic Feet)6
369yContainer Gross Volume (Cubic Yards)6
37Number of Units Containedvariable, up to 8
390yAmount payable (local currency)variable, up to 15
391yAmount payable (with ISO currency code)variable, 3–18
392yAmount payable per single item (local currency)variable, up to 15
393yAmount payable per single item (with ISO currency code)variable, 3–18
400Customer Purchase Order Numbervariable, up to 30
401Consignment Numbervariable, up to 30
402Bill of Lading number17
403Routing codevariable, up to 30
410Ship To/Deliver To Location Code (Global Location Number)13
411Bill To/Invoice Location Code (Global Location Number)13
412Purchase From Location Code (Global Location Number)13
413Ship for, Deliver for, or Forward to Location Code (Global Location Number)13
414Identification of a physical location (Global Location Number)13
420Ship To/Deliver To Postal Code (Single Postal Authority)variable, up to 20
421Ship To/Deliver To Postal Code (with ISO country code)variable, 3–15
422Country of Origin (ISO country code)3
423Country or countries of initial processingvariable, 3–15
424Country of processing3
425Country of disassembly3
426Country of full process chain3
7001NATO Stock Number (NSN)13
7002UN/ECE Meat Carcasses and cuts classificationvariable, up to 30
7003expiration date and time10
7004Active Potencyvariable, up to 4
703nProcessor approval (with ISO country code); n indicates sequence number of several processorsvariable, 3–30
8001Roll Products: Width/Length/Core Diameter/Direction/Splices14
8002Mobile phone identifiervariable, up to 20
8003Global Returnable Asset Identifiervariable, 14–30
8004Global Individual Asset Identifiervariable, up to 30
8005Price per Unit of Measure6
8006identification of the components of an item18
8007International Bank Account Numbervariable, up to 30
8008Date/time of productionvariable, 8–12
8018Global Service Relationship Number18
8020Payment slip reference numbervariable, up to 25
8100Coupon Extended Code: Number System and Offer6
8101Coupon Extended Code: Number System, Offer, End of Offer10
8102Coupon Extended Code: Number System preceded by 02
8110Coupon code ID (North America)variable, up to 30
8200Extended Packaging URLvariable, up to 70
90Mutually Agreed Between Trading Partnersvariable, up to 30
91–99Internal Company Codesvariable, up to 30