OÜ KMA (KMA LLC), a software development company based on Estonian private capital, was founded in 1992 and is targeted mostly toward the Estonian market.

Our software is mostly specialized on two client sectors:

  • warehouses and logistics companies (our brands: Ladu20, Laomees and TelliKMA)
  • loans, leasing and car rental companies (our brand: LEASER)







Andrus Männisalu

Headquarter :

Tallinn, Mustamäe tee 46

OÜ KMA history

The developments that are meant for warehouses and logistics companies started in 1993. The “Ladu20” brand management software for warehouses and logistics companies started in 1999. In 1995 we developed “LEASER” for leasing and loans companies. In the following year, 2000, we developed the pocket PC based tool “TelliKMA” for dynamic salesmen. In 2007 we started developing the data collection scanner based “Laomees” software. In 2001 we moved the licensing policy and customer service in Estonia to a new level – software rentals. Thanks to the “software rental” logic our clients have had the opportunity to scrap huge investments for licenses, when they start using new software. This also guarantees that the infosystems are always working and employees are trained to use the software, which means the owners of the companies can be assured that their company is provided with always up-to-date software. Owing to the fact that our work has been dedicated to certain business subjects as well as having specialists on the given subjects in our team, we can guarantee competence.

Our mission:

As a pleasant software partner we provide Estonian companies with effective IT solutions to manage their businesses.

How we define these :
  • pleasant – amiable and secure;
  • (software) partner – a long-term trust relationship. This provides the opportunity to exactly know eachother’s needs and possibilities as well as assuring trust between both sides;
  • provide with – KMA doesn’t just offer standard solutions developed, but finds out what the clients really need and offers the best solution;
  • effective – with necessary and good functions as well as an affordable price;
  • IT solutions – developments and suggestions related to information technologies;

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